Looks like all the knowledge you've gleaned from those bathroom readers over the years is about to pay off! Tonight it's time to prove that you really are Smarter Than a Q-Tease. Good thing I got all your details right here.

There is nothing sweeter in this world than proving you're smarter than everyone else you know. That's why your attendance is required every Wednesday night for trivia. This week you can take on Q-Tease Amanda and Heather at Dublin's in Troy at 121 4th Street from 7p-9p. Rob Dawes is a fair and just host (for the most part). He just isn't aware that Hunter and now I sneak in his office every week and steal the questions he labored over for an entire day. Since I'm on your side though, I'm going to give you the advantage for this week's game. You may be smart, but you still have a lot to learn.

Which sport has what is called a sex allowance? - Horse Racing.

Let's just take a second here to pause and ponder. I just want you to picture what it would be like if all sports had a sex allowance. Clearly, I don't need to explain to you what it is exactly, but how much longer do you think a football game would last if the QB decided to chase down a line-man for a little quickie in the locker room after kickoff? Could this be the door opening to coed pro sports?? I smell a loophole! (But it smells kinda gross).

What was the setting of the 90s TV show Roseanne (city/state)? - Lanford, Illinois

If anyone knew the answer to this before I helped you cheat, you really aught to be embarrassed. White trash comedy is no laughing matter.

What does Dr. Spock of Star Trek have to have every seven years? - Sex

I haven't decided yet if this makes him the saddest human-Vulcan in the universe or the luckiest.

How many minutes does an Olympic basketball game last? - Forty

But it feels like a lifetime.

Alright, friends! Don't let me down tonight. Use this knowledge for the forces of good and then rub the Q-Tease faces in it! Check out q103albany.com for more details on Trivia night if you need to.