Nowadays with technology, bands worry about their latest album leaking online before it hits stores. This is due to many reason; fear of lack of sales from illegal downloads, bad audio version of the songs getting out, etc.

The Flaming Lips took a different approach to actually leaking their own album though, they recorded themselves performing "The Terror" in it's entirety at the SXSW festival and releasing the audio online. "The Terror" is not due in stores until April 1st.

The band took the stage at this year's South By Southwest Festival to play the entire album for those in attendance to give a preview of what will be heard when the disc drops.

Lead singer Mark Coyne says the album shows the band starting a new phase. Speaking with NME he said: "When we were making ‘The Soft Bulletin’ we didn't think about making it, we just followed a sound. That really means rejecting all these other sounds. You might not know what you like, but you know what you hate. I think ‘The Terror’, in a sense, is the same thing. I don’t think people will look at like ‘The Soft Bulletin’, with whatever that means to people, but I think for us it feels like we've self-destructed again, not in the same way but with the same intensity. The minute we said: ‘This is how we’re gonna be as a band forever’, absolutely the next second we were completely different and utterly changed. I think we’re onto probably the third phase, the third version, of The Flaming Lips."

Check out the live version of "The Terror"