Last week, six-year-old rock/metal quintet Five Finger Death Punch released their newest record American Capitalist. It is the third studio album for the Los Angeles-based band, and is very pleasing to the ear and mind. Just two months ago, the band was in town for Q-Ruption, where over 12,000 people got a first listen with their single "Under and Over It," however, judging by its sound and positive feedback so far, I don't think fans will be "over" the album for a long time.

The 11-track album features its title as its opening song, which leads the way for the rest of the album. Each track is complete with raw, hard, classic FFDP sounds, fast and flowing instrumentals and even more powerful lyrics. Some elements of past albums are even present, as second record "Way of the Fist" are turned into lyrics for the opening, title song.

Usually when I listen to a new album, the first thing that draws me in is the sound, however, with American Capitalist, it was the lyrics that caught my attention. They're full of hatred, war, self-doubt and inner and outer battles: "Knife in my back, you can't take it back," "I hate you, that's an understatement, I hate you, for who you are," "You've got an evil wicked way of saying I love you, I'd love to tear away from everything you are, you've got an evil wicked way about you, I hate you!" Those are just a few of the lyrics from this album. They only continue on to get more despising and selfish, but in a way I agree with them. So much of what is said describes the world and the people in this world and how they are, which makes me mad too, so his screams and rants are justified.

The song "The Pride" especially stood out to me. It is all about both American capitalists and sellouts, from Johnny Cash to Bill Gates, From MySpace to Facebook and Mickey Mouse to Pepsi to heavy metal and hip hop, it goes on about how this world is full of weakness and only the strong survive.

The entire album's words just really stuck with me and I think they will have an impact on all who listen to it. In fact, seven of the tracks can be heard for free via the FFDP website.

I give this album three guitars!