In recent years, bands from the 90's have been making a comeback of sorts. Just last year we saw the return of Soundgarden with a brand new album, former LIVE lead singer Ed Kowalczyk is out on his own with a new solo album, and even "Possum Kingdom" hit maker The Toadies are still making new music while hitting road.

"People" looked at those artist and wondered who else is still "living the dream" well after their heyday in the 90's.

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    The Cranberries

    Best know for their hit "Zombie," the band is still on the road today playing hits from their past albums and songs from their 2012 release "Roses."

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    A band who is really remember for their only major hit "In The Meantime" and the fact their lead singer once being married to actress Liv Tyler.

    They are currently on the road in support of a new album "As It Is On Earth."

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    The band has been broken up for several years now, but the "Closing Time" lead singer Dan Wilson is still continuing on with his musical career writing for such artist like Taylor Swift and Josh Groban to name a few.

    He also has a new song out called "Disappearing."

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    Spin Doctors

    The "Two Princes" band is still going strong today, though most of us didn't even know that.

    They have been together now 25 years and are currently on the road in support of their latest release "If The River Was Whiskey."

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    Better Than Ezra

    Best remembered for songs like "Good" and "Desperately Wanting," the band has continued to make new music, release new albums, and tour.

    They just wrapped up a round of dates and are currently working putting together a new album for release in 2014.