It wasn't too long ago that Ashton Kutcher was picked to play Steve Jobs in a movie based on his life. Now the first pictures of him have surfaced, and for the most part, he does look a lot like the younger Steve Jobs. Wearing the iconic black turtleneck and jeans, Ashton was spotted in L.A. heading to the set of the movie Jobs: Get Inspired. From the pics TMZ were able to snap, he does have the look. But that is just a costume. The real trick will be play Jobs with all of his mannerisms and subtle details.You could almost equate this to like a comic book movie. There will be many fans and those in the media that will probably be looking with a fine eye how this movie is done as those were the people that saw Jobs at his best.

Here's a video of Steve at the D8 conference doing an interview with Walt Mossberg.

There is also word now that there is another Steve Jobs biopic in the works based on the Walter Isaacson book, this one being done by Sony who got the rights for this book. The rumors are that Sony is working on getting Aaron Sorkin, from The West Wing fame, on board for the screen play.