No more wasting time when you stumble home with some strange. Introducing the "One handed Condom"!

I can’t tell you how many times I have been ready to go with some summer slam sweat hog I met in a college bar and almost had to call it quits due to child proof C-Blocking condom wrappers. Most of the time I’d struggle to open the thick packaging and just keep slipping off the wrapper because at this point I’ve spilled my beer all over my hands and can’t get a decent grip. Finally I just admit defeat and choose to go with out the protection of the condom. (Over rated any ways). This is why I am not the proud father of 8 and carrier of multiple STD’s (some they still don’t have names for). Just think if I had this one handed condom not only would I be childless but I would be able to hold onto my drink the entire time too!