I've have heard a lot of wild and crazy names, none of which thankfully made the final four. However these four seem to be pretty awesome.

Now none of the ones listed below are political in nature or knocks on the capital region as a whole, like I had seen many comment on Facebook. I was a little bummed to see that one a guy in our building submitted didn't make the cut either, that would have been Night-Mares. Like a homage to Saratoga if you will.

Here is the list.

  • Albany Fire
  • Albany Empire
  • Albany Machine
  • Albany Phoenix

Out of that bunch right off the bat I am not a huge fan of Phoenix. The greek mythology aspect is very cool but when I see it typed out it just looks like two town names. I would also have to say Albany Fire isn't my favorite either. Its too close to Firebirds. Out of the other two I could go either way but wonder what the mascot would be if Empire won.

Make your vote at the link below.