As if most people don't feel like "Big Brother" is watching over them enough, now the federal government wants new cars to be able to radio out their speed, location, and direction at any given time.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is set to make a decision before the year is over on whether or not to have newly manufactured vehicles installed with “vehicle-to-vehicle” communication devices. These devices will send a constant radio transmission of the vehicles speed, location, direction, and even number of passengers.

The NHTSA sees these devices as the “continuum” of the evolution of the automobile that will lead to have fully automated vehicles. These vehicles will also be connected to external infrastructure and database systems.

So what could be the downside? Well, many fear the "Big Brother watching over you" scenario where the government can keep tabs on you at any given time. Though the current Obama administration claims they have no interest in that part of the technology.

NHTSA has no plans to modify the current V2V system design in a way that would enable the government or private entities to track individual motor vehicles. - agency spokesman

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