NBC has reported that Fear Factor will be making a comeback to television. Originally the show aired from 2001-2006. I used to love Fear Factor before it was cut of the air. It was actually one of the first reality shows I gained a high interest in, and actually wanted to participate in. Being incredibly young, that was obviously not an option.

Joe Rogan was the previous host of the show, but the host of the show has not yet been released. When the debut of the show approaches, I'm sure there will be some sort of announcement. It was stated, "Fear Factor producer Endemol USA plans to 'make it even bigger' visually but does not 'need to do the stuff with maximum shock value." I wonder what that actually means to us since it's so vague. In a nutshell I see the show expecting to get greater ratings with less neurotic stunts.

Either way, maybe you'll see me on the show competing for $50,000. Who wants to be my teammate?