Two men in Albany NY were arrested after they had been suspected of a terrorist plot using radiation to kill their targets. This is like a straight up captain planet situation. According to CBS 6 Albany 49-year-old Glendon Scott Crawford and 54-year-old Eric Feight have been charged with conspiracy to provide material support to terrorists.

“The arrests come after a 14-month long undercover investigation that was prompted when authorities received information back in April 2012 that Crawford had approached local Jewish organizations seeking out individuals who could help him build a machine that could be used against anyone he perceived as enemies of Israel.” – CBS

The idea that two dudes were working on creating a radiation killing beam or device is just insane to me. Not that someone would want to kill people, but that someone would take the plot from a SyFi film and try to make it work in real life. These dudes are way to into movies to do any real harm. I feel like they never thought about the back lash of this actually going down? Let’s say they use their radiation “beams” to slightly target their enemies but instead of killing them, it back fires and they get super powers? We could be looking at 50 foot Jew hating giants or worse octopus people! And what if these octopus people were already the “touchy feely” type? Now they have 8 wondering arms? No thank you!