With dim visuals of 'Over The Top' playing in my head, I can't help but like this 10-year-old who can drive a big truck, and drive it well. 

And before you scream out 'all the kid is doing is driving, it can't be that hard?' think about this for a second. There is a HUGE difference between driving a big truck and driving a car.

Besides length and size, shifting an 18-wheeler is based on speed and RPM's. As a dude who drove for a few years I've met guys who trained for months and couldn't figure it out, so to see this kid handling that truck like it's no big deal is pretty cool.

By the way, I'm sure peeps will cry 'Father of the Year' but I give this dad a big high five. Teaching your kid a skill like this at such a young age deserves kudos. So yeah, kudos my friend, kudos.