If you are a TV junkie such as myself than this past week was one you always look forward too.  Favorite shows come back, and some new ones show up with promise.  Some do better than others, so which new shows were the big winners, and which ones were the big losers?

This week saw some pretty big premiers with big audiences tuning in.  One of the big winners of the week was FOX's New Girl starring Zooey Dechanel.  This was one I was looking forward too and was not disappointed.  It was funny and all the characters were pretty likable.  Plus the male roommates make people put money in a "douche bag jar" when ever they are acting, well douchey.  Over 10 million people tuned in for it's premiere, which was more than tuned in for the series 3 premiere of Glee which aired before it.

A show that had some huge buzz, but also had it's fair share of controversy was NBC's The Playboy Club.  I also tuned into the new "retro" drama and it was okay.  The story line was good, plus it's filled with beautiful women, including Amber Heard who is the star and main bunny.

However, viewers didn't really tune in to see it.  It only got about 5 million people to watch.  A lot of that also has to do with the fact that it was going against the much more successful Castle and Hawaii Five-0. Those shows already have a built in audience so the way I see it, Playboy Club didn't have much of a chance.

A couple other big winners of the week were FOX's X-Factor.  That doesn't surprise me since people seem to love their TV talent competitions.  12 million people watched people take the stage to perform in front of the judges.  That number is slightly bigger than the people  who tuned into last seasons The Voice on NBC.  A big winner, and I mean BIG was CBS' new comedy 2 Broke Girls starring Kat Dennings.  Over 19 million people hung around after the Ashton Kutcher Two and a Half Men debut to watch.  I was not one of them, but I hear good things about it so I may have to watch next week.

The biggest premiere loser of the week belonged to the CW and their new show H8R, hosted by Mario Lopez.  I'm not really surprised that a show that shows celebrities yelling at people who make fun of them in blogs and articles didn't hit.  It's probably because no one cares.  It also might have something to do with the fact that it was going against  the America's Got Talent finale and Survivor premiere. Nice planning CW.