It sure must be tough to be kid today. As we all remember from school there were always some kids that were constantly being picked on. Imagine what it’s like today when anyone who doesn’t like you can just go posting stuff about you all the time.

The latest Facebook story is from Ipswich, Massachusetts where some kid sent out a list of all the girls who weren’t invited to the prom. As if that probably wasn’t embarrassing enough for them, there was a 2nd message sent out that rated the girls based on their body types and what type of sexual experiences they’ve had. I think parents need to start reminding their kids of that old saying of “If you don’t have anything nice to say about someone, don’t say anything at all” and start applying the same was of thinking to Facebook. Sadly, some people that aren’t kids need be reminded of that too. I know a few women that didn’t ‘put out’ or whatever with a guy on a date and later found themselves trashed on Facebook. It goes both ways though, as I’ve also seen a couple women out there talking smack and saying some very embarrassing things about some guys too. Nobody deserves that. Hey, if you’re having a couple of beers with some friends and want to share an experience… I say go for it, and have a few laughs while your doing it. But anyone who uses public forums to try and humiliate people is just crumb in my book.