There are many ways to find your phone nowadays if it goes missing. There are thousands of apps to locate the device and there is even a website to call your phone if you lose it in the house!

One iPhone owner had to use an app and one phone call to find where his phone was hidden. I'm sure after it was retrieved he got a new phone immediately. 

Trent Patterson was among 5 arrested for allegedly burglarizing the Ted Baker boutique in the Meatpacking District of New York. While Patterson was sitting in a holding cell, a gentlemen arrived at the police station saying an app located his stolen iPhone and it was somewhere in the police station.

Police allowed the man to use their phone to call his. Sure enough, a ringing sound was emanating from Mr. Patterson's butt. Yes - he butt. An officer asked Patterson about the ringing and he admitted to stealing the phone. The officer would then retrieve the phone (and you thought you had a s***** job).

Patterson was charged additionally with criminal possession of stolen property.

One can only hope that the iPhone owner has AppleCare and that they believe his story of a bum bugler.