Eva Longoria is hands down one of the hottest women on Television.  She appeared on The Late Show with David Letterman and made jaws drop across America in her sexy outfit.

To say that Tony Parker is an idiot for cheating on Eva Longoria would be an understatement.  This woman is gorgeous, and has been making our eyes pop out of our heads for some time now.  She just seems to be getting hotter too.

Obviously she has no problem showing off her flawless figure and The Late Show with David Letterman was just the latest Eva hotness siting.  She was wearing a jaw dropping outfit that she called a tuxedo.  Letterman joked that it was at least part of one.  Underneath the jacket of the outfit, nothing.  Yeah that's right, just skin and to top that off she also had a near wardrobe malfunction.  To bad we didn't get to see that.  Her outfit was so hot it almost rendered Letterman speechless.  Check out the video but make sure no one catches you drooling because that's just embarrassing.