One thing can be said about Eric Zane of the Free Beer & Hot Wings Show, and that's the fact that he has no filter.  A rival radio station learned that while the show was on the road last week in Traverse City, Michigan.

I have learned first hand that Eric Zane doesn't really have that little voice in his head that says "You better not say that".  He says whatever comes to his mind, whenever he wants without apology.  The show hit the road Friday last week and were in Traverse City, Michigan for their annual Cherry Festival.  Much like everywhere else these guys are, they have some morning radio competition that doesn't like them very much.  So Zane decides to take matters into his own hands and let them know that the Free Beer & Hot Wings show is here to stay.  In this first clip Zane explains what exactly is going on.

Now that everything is all set up it's time for things to get very awkward, and we all know that no one does awkward better than Eric Zane.