The gentlemen from Nonpoint were in the Q103 studios for an exclusive acoustic garage session and man on man Dalton time. A few lucky Q103 listeners were invited to sit down in a small intimate setting with Nonpoint as they played a solid acoustic set of a few songs of the new album “Nonpoint” which is in stores now.

In between songs I was able to get inside Elias and Rasheed’s head and get to know a little bit more about the road and the new album. The guys open up to me with the cliff note version of the history of the band and the path the new album is taking them on. Also somewhere down the line Elias busts out a solid impression of Billy Idol and things just get weird from there.

Full Interview [AUDIO]

“We’ve done much more dirty and disgusting places then this…”

“I’ve judged a man boob contest before…”

“I’m going to wear a wedding dress and soccer shoes.”

“New members, new label, new manager… we felt like everything was new.”

“… I don’t like to write things while in the studio…”

“Yeah Slash was really cool… Drinking with slash…and David bowie…”

-          Elias (Nonpoint) Q103 2013 -