Elevators go up and down. Wonkavaters go sideways and front ways. But Japanese elevators will soon go into outer space?

Thank you, Japan, for bringing me that much closer to fulfilling my dream of having sex with a blue chick like Captain Kirk. Well- chick that is blue because she’s an alien, not because she is being asphyxiated, that is.

According to breitbart.com Japan has planed to build a elevator out of carbon nanotube technology, which is more than 20 times stronger than steel. This 40 year long project will take 30 passengers at a time 60,000 miles above the earth surface.

Thank the Lord! Why waste our resources and intelligence trying to solve mild issues like AIDS or cancer? An elevator to space? Japan, you know priorities when you see them. Cures for life-threatening diseases that spread world-wide are not as important as leaving this god-awful world. Elevator to space, please hurry up!