It's been a hot topic for many communities in the Capital Region since voters approved in November the building of additional casinos in the state. East Greenbush has been involved in a hot and heavy debate over a proposed location for one casino within it's town limits.

On Thursday (6/12), the Town Council unanimously voted to support a plan to build the casino but many residents still aren't too happy about it.

Partners Saratoga Raceway & Casino and Churchhill Downs want to build the proposed $300 million casino on Thompson Hill Road. On resident on Thompson Hill Road Dwight Jenkins spoke with News10 about his displeasure of the vote:

What a horrible decision. It’s only because these idiots in here screwed it up for so many years that we’re in the boat that we even need a casino.

Jenkins believes the new casino will ruin his standard of living.

That's not the only concern, many think the casino will force small businesses out of East Greenbush. The Town Council says it's completely opposite claiming that the casino will boost the economy in the town.

While there are many that don't agree with the casino, there are those the welcome it with open arms. These residents are happy about the potential jobs coming to their town and the tax revenue that the casino will produce.

Just because the Town Council are backing the casino doesn't mean it will happen though. The developer must put in a bid with the state's site selection committee by June 30 to even be in the running. It should be noted there are a lot of potential sites already submitted from throughout the state.


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