I told everyone in the Capital Region to be patient, and it has paid off.  According to Lars Ulrich they are working on more gigs and one could land on the east coast.

The 'Big Four' are fresh off of their first gig in the US and are apparently hungry for more.  Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich told Rolling Stone that with all the success that they have been having performing together they want to do more gigs here in the US.  Ulrich said that they hope to have one for the east coast, and could see plans for one come together in the next few weeks.

Awesome news for us here in the Capital Region, but where on the east coast will it take place?  That's a pretty large geographic region to speculate.  They seem to enjoy playing the outdoor venues, so I doubt it will be MSG but perhaps we could see it land at the New Meadowlands Stadium.  Not out of the question because Metallica alone could fill it.  The Big Four all together would probably have to turn people away.  My fingers are of course crossed that they want to play upstate NY and go to SPAC!

How cool would it be to have the 'Big Four' right in out back yard?  That would be one of the largest heavy metal crowds ever.  So we will keep you posted because right now it looks like we are very close to a gig taking place close to us.  Lets face it though, even if they play Virginia most of us will road trip to see this event.