A man in Michigan is going to jail for loving his pit bull too much. Impossible! How does one love a dog too much? Well 37 year old convicted sex offender Kurtis Peterson was caught by his room mate’s friend having sex with his dog on his bed. Unlike most dog owners who don’t allow their dogs even on the couch, this dude not only invited his dog into his bed but he offers them a customary reach around and a little rough rough rough housing. (Zing!)

Peterson who was accused of some literal doggy style tried to pass this incident off by saying “he was just hugging his dog”. Sorry bro I’ve tried the just hugging thing plenty of times. “I’m just hugging this very attractive couch cushion” and “I’m just hugging my penis while I sit pants less at this computer”. It hardly ever works.

Peterson would have been off the hook had he not been caught a 2nd time, this time in the living room by the same friend. Peterson's excuse this time was he became “sexual aroused from accidental contact with the animal’s rear” which this I can believe him. Have you met a put bull? Those dogs are notorious for just throwing their super sexy dog butts around like it ain’t no thang. It was bound to bump into that dudes dork eventually.

Either way, this guy is going to jail for up to 15 years. Which if you’re keeping track nearly 13 years more then Michael Vick got for condoning a pit bull fighting ring where dogs were dying.

So let’s recap here. I’m not about to condone sex with animals here, but I’m puzzled that Killing dogs for money gets you 23months but showing them a little bit of love sends you away for over a decade?