Out of all the foods to lose your life to, the sausage is by far the most provocative. Recently a Romanian man was competing in the sixth Plescoi Sausage Festival when he paid the ultimate entry fee. The man’s name was not released but he was 60 years of age and allegedly very impatient when it came to cramming things down his throat.

“Medics say he could have been saved if someone had performed the Heimlich maneuver when he began choking, according to the Opinia. EMTs try to revive him in the video, but aren't successful.” - HP

I think the most tragic part about this story is not even that a man lost his life. The saddest part of it all is now his loved ones have to tell the tale of how a sausage took his life. I would just like to add that a sausage is on my top 6 list of foods I pray I never get murdered by.

Food I hope Never Kills Me

#5 – Sausages

#4 – Kumquats

#3 - Activia Yogurt

#2 – Cheese retrieved from underneath Adel’s arms

#1 – Strudel