Free Ice Cream Party Bus

Not that everyone knows what happens when a pregnant lady goes looking to fill that void in her belly via 'cravings' so let me help you understand. Well, hold on. Let me also preface this with: 'when a pregnant lady starts to crave' expect to be ran around like a taxi cab driver with a passenger looking for crack rock. They go crazy! I've been there, it's nuts.

So yeah, this dude is just doing what he's supposed to do. Feed the beast! What better way to fill it: Ice cream that is hours and hours and hours away. Don't get me wrong, Stewart's has some pretty rockin ice cream but holy geez, this is gonna cost him. Then again, keeping the beast happy is the best thing for this dude so who cares about the cost, trust me!

Craigslist Screen Shoot

Who needs a paper route when you have steady work like this? Any takers?