The big question here is did this guy pay for the blow up dolls movie ticket or was he smart enough to sneak her in deflated first? 24 year old Adrian Pacheco of Guadalupe Cano was arrested earlier this week after he was caught “committing indecent assault with an inflatable doll” while in the back of a movie theater.

First off, “indecent assault”, really? How can you assault an inflatable doll when it is literally asking for it? Nothing says “put your junk inside me” more than an inflatable sex doll. So to say this dude was assaulting the doll that is just crazy! However should you do this kind of act in a movie theater? Maybe not, but it all depends on what’s on the screen. Like if you are watching something like Finding Nemo or Schindler's List, and then yea by all means get it on. But if you’re watching something a little more conservative and important like “Sharktopus” then keep it in your pants.