Duck Dynasty has become it's own dynasty in many ways. The show is a hit; they even have a ton of merch including shirts, hats, fake beards, and Halloween costumes. Where don't we see someone from the Robertson family these days? Heck, they have a Christmas album coming out this year.

The show's latest season wraps up on Oct. 23 at 10 p.m. on A&E. So before they go out for another season, why not have some friends over and make a drinking game out of the finale?

Our friends at Buzz Feed have come up with the ingredients and the gameplan for drinks throughout:

What do you need?

  • Pitcher of sweet tea with a big helping of vodka (or beer if you prefer)
  • A plastic cup (that you cannot put down during the show for any reason)
  • The following rules...

How do you play?

  • To start, everyone sips during the opening credits
  • Sip anytime you hear a "philosophy" during the show
  • Sip if you hear Miss Kay talk about her milkshakes, sex, or dating
  • Sip when you hear Si say "That's A Fact!" or "Jack"
  • When Si says "Happy, Happy, Happy"- the last person to yell "Happy" has to chug
  • Sip if someone tells Si to put some clothes on
  • Swap your drink with the person next to you if someone mentions "The Redneck Way"
  • Drink until Sadie stops blushing from embarrassment during a scene
  • Sip when Willie puts down the "Overprotective Dad" card
  • Drink if the Robertsons go hunting and get distracted
  • 2 sips if Korie gets Willie to do something he doesn't want to
  • Excessive camo on screen? Drink until you are no longer disoriented
  • If anyone in your party dresses up like the Robertsons, call them "Boss Hog" during game
  • Finish your drink if there is a slow motion "beard porn" moment
  • If Si attempts to make a pop culture reference, refill your plastic cup