32 Year old Anthony Taylor was charged with a felony after police raided his home in Troy finding all sorts of delicious goodies. Police officials reported that Taylor was found in possession of three ounces of heroin, four pounds of marijuana and $31,000 in cash. Taylor has since been sent to Rensselaer County jail without bail.

I’m not saying all drug raids happen in Troy but if you're going to run a medium to large drug trade then Troy is the place to do it, especially if you pick a house on the top of the hill. This location is important for escape reasons. If you’re located on the top of the hill you can plan an escape route by first building a fun multi terrain vehicle like that of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. That way when the police come a knocking you can hop in old Chitty and roll down hill towards the river. Once you reach the water you can flip the switch and before you can say “toot sweets’ you’ll be sailing down the Hudson to safety.

I’m in no way condoning that people start selling drugs, but I am condoning people start building replicas of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. Being a drug dealer must really suck. You have to live in secret constantly worrying that the police are going to bust in. Eventually your front door gets kicked in and everything is suddenly gone and you end up face down in a prison bunk while some big dude named Snake treats your bottom like a trampoline. I just hope they never make Pee Wee Herman DVDs illegal. Because if that is ever the case I can expect the police to kick down my door and confiscate my vast collection of Pee Wee DVDs and wrestling action figures.