We all know that gang initiations can involve some horrible, violent acts that can leave people, mostly women beaten, raped and left for dead. You need to know what to look for and how to protect yourself, and what to do should you be faced with something like this. I recently received an email with the newest tricks gangs and rapists are using to lure in their victims, and it is vital information so please read and be aware of what's out there.

Technique #1- Scrambled Eggs

Gangs are now using raw eggs to make you stop, pull over and get out of your car. While you're driving along a rural or private road, the gang will hide in wooded areas with a lot of trees and throw eggs at your car as you drive by. Their intent is to hit your windshield, so that you either stop and get out or turn your wipers on, which will also make you stop. If this happens DO NOT turn your wipers on and/or your windshield washer fluid, because the water will mix with the oily, milky consistency of the eggs and make it worse. It will cover you windshield and block your visibility. If this should happen to you, just continue on driving as best you can until you reach a safe, populated place and call the cops.

Technique #2- Babies for Bait

Another popular tactic gangs are using involves babies, or rather fake ones. If you're driving along

 that  same road and see a baby car seat with a blanket over it, DO NOT stop to check it out. The intent is to make the victim, hopefully a woman, stop and see what is going on. The car seat contains a fake baby doll, and as soon as you go over to see the gang will take you. Should you see anything along these lines, again DO NOT stop and get out or even stop or slow down. Call the police immediately and tell them the situation.

Technique #3- Undercover "Cops" and the 1-1-2 Trick

Recently, a young woman was driving along when an unmarked police car started to follow her and signaled for her to pull over. Her instincts, and the words of her parents became prominent in her head, and she immediately dialed 1-1-2. This

number connects you to the police dispatcher, and if this ever happens to you you tell them where you are and what the car is doing. The young woman did this and was told directed not to pull over, because there were no police cars reported in that area. She kept on driving, and shortly after cop cars surrounded her and the supposed "cop." They got the man and arrested him, and the woman soon found out he was a convicted rapist and wanted for other crimes as well. If you ever find yourself in this situation DO NOT slow down or pull over. Immediately call 1-1-2 and they will tell you what to do and whether or not the car is real or not. Even legitimate police cars have to respect your need to pull over in well-lit, populated place such as a gas station or restaurant, so don't be afraid to put your safety first, which you should do anyway.

Other things to remember:

ALWAYS keep your car doors locked, day and night. You never know when something could

happen, and it's usually when you least expect it, so keep yourself safe and lock up! Most new cars automatically lock when you put the car into drive, which is an awesome safety feature, but for those of you with older cars, make sure you're always safe inside!

  • NEVER have headphones in while driving. I like my music loud too, but there's no need for headphones when you have a volume button. You might not be able to hear vital things, such as sirens, pedestrian activity or even near-by accidents. You need all five senses for driving so take out the ear buds and turn the volume to an appropriate level to where you cna still hear other important sounds.
  • NEVER flash your headlights at a car who has none on, even at nighttime. The old urban legend says it's another gang technique to trap you and swerve you off the road, so mind your own business and let them suffer the consequences.
  • ALWAYS have your cell phone handy. Don't text or talk while driving, but should you be faced with something like this, then it is best to have your phone ready to go should you have to contact anyone. It's also a good idea to have mace or another form of protection handy as well.
  • If it seems like any car, unmarked or not, is following you, don't panic. If you're going to someones house, call them ahead of time and have them meet you outside when you arrive, or if you're going somewhere alone, call the police just to be safe and have them meet you there, or just pull into a populated place.
  • NEVER walk to your car at night alone. Have a friend walk or drive you to your car, or at least have someone on the phone with you while you walk. Women you are especially at risk, so never take your safety lightly. Be smart.
  • The above tricks are the newest that are being used by gangs and rapists, so please share this with everyone. Remember, these gangs goals are to beat, rob, rape and kill women and men, so any information on how to keep yourself safe is worth knowing. Your life is worth it, so please protect and inform yourself and others so that these groups cannot do this to anyone else. If we can inform as many people as possible as soon as these tricks are known, we can come together to beat these gangs before they even know what hit them. REMEMBER: NEVER HESITATE TO CALL THE POLICE SHOULD YOU SEE ANYTHING SKETCHY! IT'S BETTER TO BE SAFE THAN SORRY!

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