With 80,000 fans cheering, Oscar Pistroius advanced to the semis of the 400 Meters today.  With a season best time 45.44 seconds, you may wonder why such a large crowd was so hyped for a preliminary round.  Well, perhaps you know Pistroius by his nickname  - "Blade Runner".  Saturday marked the first time in history that an amputee has completed in the Olympic games. 

Oscar Pistrius was born without fibulas. Doesnt' stop him from running, though. Fitted with carbon fiber blades, Pistorius has never been allowed to race in the Olympics.  Thoughts of "unfair advantage" plagued him. Less weight, better grip, etc.  He's heard it all.  After numerous hearings, the IOC allowed "Blade Runner" to complete. 

With his chance to prove to the world that he belongs with the best runners on the planet, he came out of lane six to finish in second place, securing his spot in the Semis tomorrow night .  He'll need to improve on his time of 45.44 seconds if he would like to medal in the finals - in the 2008 games, that would have been good enough for fifth place. However, even without a medal,  Pistroius has to feel on top of the world right now.

Monday night at 9:30 PM, do you think we'll see more history with Pistorius on the podium?