An Anti S.A.F.E Act rally that is going on today has people from all over heading to Albany. One of those people is Donald Trump.

The power behind protesting comes from the people who support the cause. But sometimes there are some people who might take away from the creditability of that cause. Donald Trump might just be one of those people. Trump is scheduled to be the guest speaker at todays rally.

If you're going to rally, do you really want Mr. Trump in your corner? He might not be the most creditable charter to have on your side. It's hard to take a guy serious when he is involve in fake bets with fake sporting organization, or has a reality t.v. shows centered around firing people. Seems like "The Donald" always needs to be the center of attention.

Not sure what Mr. Trump will bring to the table, but trump is known for being two things. The first is a bit of a kook and the second is being very successful. So maybe "The Donald" can provide a little success for your side. We will have to wait and see.