The last couple of years some neighbors have become huge hits on the net with their "lack" of competition when it comes to Christmas light displays. Kristina Green in Maricopa, AZ has found success this year doing the same as her neighbor put up some 20,000 lights in their display.

Her "counter display", seen in the above picture and featured on a story from KNXV-TV, is simply 400 lights spelling out "Ditto" with an arrow pointing to the major display.

She said she knew she couldn't match the elaborate display that was originally inspired by Clark Griswold and the movie "Christmas Vacation", so she took her own inspiration from the world-wide phenom of the "lazy neighbor display."

In fact, the person who built Kristina's display was her neighbor Eric Cyr. He's even been the one hanging up the sign for the last three years.

Kristina can't believe how the sign has caught on with the web saying "How did it get this big? I sent one email." The house display now has it's own Facebook page.