Disturbed front man David Draiman is getting married this weekend to a and let me say lightly a HOT girl.   His fiancee is Lena Yada, a Japanese-American Model, Professional Surfer and Wrestler from Honolulu Hawaii .  They will tie the knot Sunday at a secret undisclosed location.  When The Pulse of Radio asked Draiman about how becoming a married man might change his music, his reply was.

You know, I can only imagine that it would give me more inspiration to write," he said. "I think that when you all of a sudden become a family man, and you have more to worry about than just yourself, your concerns, they build, in terms of things going on with the world, in terms of your life, in terms of your fears and your hopes and your dreams. And so I really think it'll be a tremendous catalyst for potential inspiration.

Disturbed announced they would be putting out a B-Sides Compilation called 'The Lost Children' on November 8th.  Some songs they announced they will be covering for the album include Judas Priest 'Breaking The Law' and Faith No More.

Draiman & Disturbed said this past summer that the band was going on indefinite hiatus following the end of the touring cycle for its latest album, "Asylum". which ended on August 14 in West Palm Beach, Florida.

However he did not rule out Disturbed returning in the future.

Lena also starred in Disturbed's video for 'Animal'