After a long run on the road the band is ready to take a much needed break this summer.

Disturbed has been out touring on their latest album Asylum for almost a year now.  After a ton of gigs and festivals across the country, the guys are taking a well deserved break.

According to front man David Draiman, after the band finishes up their dates in the States for the Mayhem Festival, they'll do a quick stint in South America and then they are off for a while.  The band wants to begin work on their next album, and Draiman said they need the time off to do so:

We've not done anything yet. I know Dan Donegan has some riffs but we need to get in the right headspace and we can't do that on the road.

The band is on a short break right now before the Mayhem Fest begins on July 9th.   That will take them right through September.  Can't say I blame them for wanting a little time off.  I can't imagine being on the road away from everything for almost a year.  It hard for me to adjust after being away for a week.