So I walk into the office this morning and run smack dab into our Promotions B^#@ch. She's wearing a lovely pink long sleeve paper thin shirt thing with a nice pair of blue jeans. After gaining my composure, cause come on, she's a very attractive woman I start telling her about an event I did over the weekend and how a certain live on location dude reigned supreme. Stay with me here. 

As we're chatting it up our Digital Media Director (Digital Guy Jay) comes around the corner and says hello. You may remember him- He's the guy, about a month ago, who needed help changing his tire! Poor fella... Moving on.

So, as I'm standing there I realize they're both rocking the same outfit, with minor differences, but listen, the colors are dead on, regardless of how the pic turned out.

So it got me to thinking: Who wore it better?


Again, the above picture came out a little off but trust me, they both look the same. It's cute really!