Many people use Diet Soda with their drinks mixes; diet and whiskey, diet and rum, diet and vodka, etc. However that mix could actually cause you to get in to more trouble than just your waist line.

According to a new study, diet soda mixers can actually get you more drunk and it will show up on a breathalyzer.

In the study, the participants drank three different mixes: diet and vodka, regular soda and vodka, then a placebo. After each drink they were given a breathalyzer test along with a reaction measurement test. The participants were also asked about their own drunk/not drunk self-assessment and willingness to drive.

The result?

The diet and vodka mixer raised the level of the participants breathalyzer test by as much as 18%. They also expressed slower reaction times. Interestingly though, they did not rate themselves as being as 'drunk' as the breathalyzer reported.

So as much as you are trying to drink diet to watch your weight, you might want to find something else to mix your liquor with.