Yankees short stop Derek Jeter is coming off of one of the biggest accomplishments that a major league baseball player can get, 3,000 hits.  What better way to cap that off than making an appearance at the MLB all star game, except that he didn't.

When you think of Major League Baseball in the present day one of the faces of the organization is Derek Jeter, and he has been for some time.  He, along with several other Yankees made the all star team this season, but Jeter chose not to participate.  Not an unlikely choice.  Many high profile players that are up there in age usually sit it out to avoid any sort of unwanted injury.

Last night as I was watching the game and they were going through the lineups I noticed that despite being on the DL, Boston pitcher Jon Lester was there to tip his hat at the beginning of the all star game.  Also there to tip his hat was Mets short stop Jose Reyes, he is also on the DL.  Alex Rodriguez also skipped the all star game, but he is currently getting surgery on his knee.  I had read yesterday that Jeter was not going to make the trip the Phoenix due to mental and physical exhaustion.  I love the Captain and would never say a bad word, but he should have gone there to tip his hat.

I know Jeter has made 11 other all star games, but this one would of been even more special.  I kind of feel let down by him skipping out.  He has played just as many games as everyone else and while he may not have wanted to play, he needed to be there.  Even if he just showed up, tipped his hat, went in the dugout and left before the first pitch was thrown, no one would know the difference.  By him not showing up, it makes it seem like being selected to the all star game doesn't really matter to him anymore, when it should.  Jeter is getting older and there are plenty of young short stops that are dying for that honor of being selected, not just as a reliever but a starter like Jeter was.

That being said, I just feel like Jeter made himself look bad by not showing up  at all.  Next year, if he is selected, I hope he makes a better decision.