If you weren’t a fan of hunting before, then watching this story just might change your mind. I’ve said before and ill say it again, “we need to get them damn Deers before they get us”!

This deer was on a mission when it honed in on this chubby little girl minding her own business and decked her like Pavel Datsyuk. The deer crashed through a glass door to get to her, if that doesn’t look like a pre meditated attack I don’t know what does.

But who knows, maybe this deer had a good reason to bash this girl. Maybe on the drive to the store her Al Roker of a father hit a friend of the deer with his trail blazer and didn’t even stop to check on it. Maybe this whole attack was an act of revenge. Or maybe she was about to bit in to an Aba-zaba bar that was well past its sell by date. You know how terrible that would have tasted for her. Instead of asking “why me?” this puffy ungrateful brat must say “Thank you” to the deer that saved her life!