With the success of comic book movies, DC comics has decided to do a major relaunch of most of their main characters.  Superman is even getting an updated look.

This is some pretty big news in the comic book world.  A complete relaunch? That would seem like insanity, but the way I see it DC Comics is playing it smart.  They announced a couple weeks ago that they would be doing the relaunch, and when they say relaunch, they mean it.  If you look at the picture on the left that is what Superman will look like from now on.  Maybe not as angry but the suit is a definite change. Looks like he is finally losing the underwear over the tights look.  Not that I'm against a classic look, but I think this a good change.

Superman isn't the only major comic book hero to get the relaunch.  Batman, Green Lantern, Green Arrow, Aqua Man, Flash and more are scheduled to start over.  It only makes sense since most of the comic book characters are far from their original story lines.  Plus with all the movies that have all the characters starting from scratch, it only makes sense.

Now it has been years since I have picked up an actual comic book, but when I was a kid and even into high school I would read some of my favorite titles regularly.  With this relaunch of some of these major characters I may start reading comics again.  I'm sure many comic book purists will be upset, especially those who have been collecting from day one.  If you want a complete look at the titles being relaunched, click here.