'Like seriously, If a guy you started, liiiiike, dating is telling you how to tilt your head while kissing, there's obviously no chemistry.' So yeah, I found this video via this semi cute chick who apparently gives dating advice. At first I was like: yeah ok she has a point. Then I started to examine her body language as she spoke. I'm kind of like: hmmmm, what's the deal with this chick?'

It's like this, you know that saying:

I give great advice, but never follow it

We all say that, right? Personally, by the way this chick is talking I feel like she strikes out more times then A-Rod (when he's tested for performance enhancement drugs) when it comes to dating.



Do you see what I'm saying? I seriously think this chick is dead on with her advice, but lacks any type of know-how when in a relationship. Therefore, she may be single?

What say you?