In the spirit of golf season and the Q103 dysfunctional golf tournament right around the corner I’ve compiled a list of my top five favorite women golfers.

#5 Morgan Pressel

Morgan Pressel may be a bit more beefy then your usual girl, but that’s what brings my attention to her. She looks like the kind of chick I could have spot me on the bench press and maybe later she’ll ask me to return the favor as she does heavy squats.

#4 Natalie Gulbis

Natalie is actually more attractive then the average female golfer and she might even land higher on my list if it wasn’t for one thing. She’s got a great body and a pretty face, however in my opinion she has what appears to be a large head. But its cool, she’ll grow into it… right?

#3 Paula Creamer

This girl is good looking and she could land #1 with the implication of her last name alone, “Creamer”. However she has what I call the cute appeal. I actually prefer the cute clean “Pam” from “the Office” look over the skanky sexy “check out my vagina on spring break” look.

#2 Sandra Gal

Sandra Gal is tall thin and in great shape and always good at making sure her mid drift shows after each swing (clever girl). The one thing that really puts this check high on my radar is the weird face she makes while following through on her stroke that makes her look a bit like Kristin wig. For that she lands as my #2.

#1 John Daly

Rocking the “fat alcoholic in wacky pants” look, like nobodies business! John Daly is the rock star of golf. People think Tiger Woods was a deviant for banging a few skanks? Well John Daly was living the high life before it was even cool!