You remember the Cowboy Junkies don’t you? They did that real mellow version of Lou Reed’s “Sweet Jane.” While flipping through the channels last night I saw that they were on Jimmy Fallon. And to my surprise, they have more than that one song. I always thought it was funny to be a one hit wonder where that one song, was actually someone else’s. I’m sure there are quite a few artists out there like that, but other than Cowboy Junkies, I can only think of Manfred Mann when they covered Bruce Springsteen’s “Blinded by the Light”

 As it turns out, Cowboy Junkies have been pumping out tunes and releasing cd’s all along, but just weren’t recognized in the rock world, and rightfully so! But that doesn’t mean that they aren’t cool. I enjoyed the song they played last night. 

To watch their performance and make your own opinion of their new song “Don’t Let it Bring You Down” just click here.