You know how awesome it is as the national anthem is ending, some fire works go off and then the jets fly over head.  Awesome.  But how much does it cost to have those jets at the game?

So just like any other big game the military had some of their F-18 fighter Jets fly over before the Super Bowl started.  Always a crowd pleaser, that is until you find out how much it cost and who is paying for it.  It reportedly cost nearly $450,000 to do the single fly over at Super Bowl XLV.  Guess who's pocket that's coming out of?  The American tax payer.  Oh yeah, I bet it seems nice when you think its just a cool thing.  But $450,000!?

The cost includes paying the pilots, standard operational cost and gas.  These particular F-18's that went to the Super Bowl flew in from Virginia. I'm pretty sure there are naval bases closer to Arlington Texas than that.   Is the cost worth it?  The military has approved these fly overs a number of times.  So tally up the cost of them flying over the Rose Bowl, World Series and the Super Bowl and that is over $1 million of tax payer money.  I don't know about you but I think that I would be fine without seeing the flyover if Uncle Sam put some more in my pocket come April 15.