Today, The Saratogian reported that a man from Corinth plead guilty to a felony after killing a puppy. These stories always sicken me. I have a dog of my own. If anyone were to mistreat her in any way, I'd be furious and would make sure justice is served.

Jarrod Lent, the man pleading guilty, has admitted to crushing the puppy behind a couch after it had an accident in the house. Seriously, the puppy was six months old. Puppies need to go outside every so often because their bladders are so small. Don't take out your problems on a helpless Yorkshire Terrier.

I hate violence, fighting, and any form of abuse. This man needs more than a one year prison sentence. By the sounds of it, he needs some counseling for his anger issues. He already was on probation after receiving a DWI.

Do you think this monster learned his lesson? I'm presuming he most likely didn't.