Slipknot and Stone Sour frontman Corey Taylor isn't holding anything back on his new spoken word/acoustic tour.  The latest victim of a 'Taylor Ty-raid' is Stone Temple Pilot frontman Scott Weiland, who Taylor calls a "piece of sh*t".

Last week we posted video of Corey Taylor being very critical of music producer Rick Rubin and now the guns have turned on Scptt Weiland and the fact that he recorded a Christmas album.   He called the effort of it lazy and says that Weiland basically takes his fans money and gives them nothing in return.

If I were Scott Weiland I would be pissed as hell, but then again what does he have to prove to Corey Taylor?  Weiland is a great lead singer and a pretty successful musician in all of his projects.  Sure he can sometimes be a little bit of a mess, but what gives Corey Taylor the right to say things like this?