DWI, aggravated DWI involving a child under 16 and endangering the welfare of a child are a just a few of the charges a mother is facing after allegedly driving drunk with her kid in the car.

Erika Sten, congratulations, A Class E Felony may be yours under Leandra's Law.

Erika was allegedly driving drunk in North Greenbush on Saturday when police said she veered off the road, clipped a telephone pole, and ended up on someone's front yard. All of this went down with her 2 year-old in the car. Fortunately no one was injured in the crash.

Under Leandra's Law, anyone driving a vehicle with a child under 15 inside and over the legal limit of .08 is immediately charged with a felony. Despite losing your driving privilege for an extended period of time, if convicted a prison sentence of up to 4-years could be handed down.