The other day while playing "The Man Who Sold The World" by Nirvana on Q103, I started thinking about how good the original version of that song was too...when David Bowie originally released it. occured to me that we play some other "cover" versions of songs on Q103...that were originally recorded by other artists too. Currently we play the song "Bad Company" as done by Five Finger Death Punch. That song was originally recorded by Bad Company, in 1974. Some other ones that immediately come to mind are Guns N' Roses and their versions of  "Knockin' On Heaven's Door" originally recorded by Bob Dylan in 1973, and "Live and Let Die" which was originally recorded by Paul McCartney and Wings, also in 1973. As you probably know,Van Halen does a version of "You Really Got Me" which was done first by The Kinks.  Pearl Jam has up dated some old songs as well. Several years ago, they released "Last Kiss", which was a hit way back in 1964, for a group called J. Frank Wilson and the Cavaliers. Pearl Jam also does a cover version of "You've Got To Hide Your Love Away" a song that was originally recorded by The Beatles in 1965, and was also a hit for a British band called The Silkie in 1965. Johnny Cash did a real cool version of "Hurt" a few years ago, a song that was originally done by the Nine Inch Nails. Jimi Hendrix was famous for redoing Bob Dylan's "All Along The Watch Tower" which has also been covered by Dave Mason as well as The Grateful Dead. Jimi Hendrix also had huge success with the song "Hey Joe" which was previously recorded by The Leaves, The Byrds and Tim Rose. Another song that Jimi Hendrix covered was "Gloria"...which was a hit in the mid 1960s for The Shadows of Knight  as well as Them and has also been covered by The Doors. Former British band Roxy Music  covered Neil Young's "Like a Hurricane" as well as John Lennon's "Jealous Guy" in the 1980s.  The song "The House of The Rising Sun" was a huge hit for The Animals way back in 1964, and was a hit once again in 1970 when Frijid Pink released an electric psychedelic version of the song. These are just some that immediately come to my mind. There are many others. Feel free to add yours to this list!