What’s the issue here? How are people suppose to know the condoms work? This is one product I don’t see suitable for animal testing.

According to shanghaidaily.com a condom manufacturer was looking to hire "lively and good-looking women" aged 18 to 25 to work as condom testers. The wanted ad has since been removed after accusations of prostitution were raised.

A representative from the condom manufacture explained that the women’s sole job would be to engage in sex while a male co worker used their condom and took notes on their experience. In return she would receive 500 to 1,000 yen for her hard day's work.

 "Although machines are usually used to test condoms, we have to hire women and men because we can't afford the machines," - SD

And with women being cheaper then fancy machines I applaud this company for not only being economical but also providing jobs to Shanghai citizens that other wise would not be there. The representative also added

 "In the tests, women usually don't have such a tough job as only men are responsible for taking notes and getting test results," - SD

Which has been my argument for 26 years! You hear that ladies, time to pick up your end of the work load!