Rumors of another Batman villain added; Another reason why I am skeptical the new X-Men movie may suck; Brand new extended Thor Trailer.

News of the next Christopher Nolan Batman flick keeps coming out and the latest rumor is that he has brought in Inception star Joseph Gordon-Levitt to play a "mystery" villain in The Dark Knight Rises.  This information was teased by Gary Oldman who plays Commissioner Gordon in the films.  He said it will be an old villain.  Fan's immediately assumed The Riddler, but Nolan quickly dismissed that.  If Levitt is in he will be joining fellow Inception star Tom Hardy will will be playing Bane and Anne Hathaway who was most recently cast as Catwoman/Selina Kyle.

Since the announcement that they would be doing yet another X-Men movie I have had a very blah feeling about the whole thing.  As far as I'm concerned they pretty much ruined that franchise for me with the last 2 of the trilogy and the horrible Wolverine film.  Then they release the first trailer for X-Men: First Class and it was so lack luster they quickly had to scramble to get a new and better one out.  Success!  The new trailer had people very excited.  However they followed that up with some comically awful movie posters featuring Professor X and Magneto.  They look like a child photo-shopped these together.  Great job. Yet more proof that this movie has a great possibility of sucking.

Some more good news from the comic book movie world, a new extended trailer for Thor hit the internet a few weeks ago and it has me even more amped up for this movie.  You get to see more of the cast including glimpses of the villains Loki (Thor's evil brother) and The Destroyer .  The unfortunate part about all this awesome coverage for Thor is that we won't be seeing anymore of Captain America until Thor hits the theater in May.  But do expect a new Cap trailer during the Thor movie.