Comedian and daughter to the legendary comic Richard Pryor, Rain Pryor joined me on the show to talk about her upcoming show in Saratoga Springs. Rain takes me through a quick journey of how she got into the game of stand up and what pressures come with being the daughter of a superstar. Rain and I also discuss the difference of being a male comic versus a female comic when it comes to what sexual options are left for you at the end of the night. As it turns out, funny guys can score with attractive dudes but, as Rain puts it, females really only have the option to bring back a “reject from game of thrones” to their rooms. Check out my conversation with Rain Pryor and then check her out at Vapor Night club.


“You should be able to laugh while losing your money. My dad lost all his money to hookers so I think it’s fair.”

“I think people expect him (Richard Pryor) and I’m me.”

“I’m not really a political comic I talk about sex and my lack of sex and how I want sex…”

“My dad wanted me to do stand up when I was 18 years old and I was like are you crazy? You’re Richard Pryor!”

“I kind of got tricked into it”

“I sing sometimes even in my stand up.”

“I leave a show and I got like someone who got like rejected from game of thrones.”

“I do not hate little people…but if you’re not Peter Dinklage, forget about it!”

-Rain Pryor, Q103 interview with Dalton Castle