Progressive rockers Coheed and Cambria announced yesterday that they will be reuniting with former drummer Josh Eppard after a 5 year absence. 

New York natives Coheed and Cambria made the announcement yesterday that drummer Josh Eppard was officially back in the band, replacing drummer Chris Pennie, who replaced Eppard back in 2006.  Eppard comes back into the band as they are in the middle of recording their sixth studio album.   In official statement on the bands website, they said that they didn't intend on making Eppard's return a big deal.

We didn’t originally plan to make a big splash about this, but when Chris made his announcement, we were ultimately compelled to. We didn’t want anyone to be concerned about the state of the band, and trying to keep things quiet was proving to be really tough. And besides, we're just really excited and wanted to share that feeling with you.

They also added that now former drummer Chris Pennie is a "dear friend", despite Pennie apparently leaving due to creative differences.  Coheed said that Eppard's style more fit what they were going for on this new album.   No release date on the new album, but the band says they are three songs in, so a 2012 release is in the future.