As someone who loves coffee, and would set up permanent residence at coffee shop if it were socially acceptable, it's nice to see that drinking tons of coffee may not be completely in vain.

I live for coffee.  Day, night, hot, iced, it doesn't matter, I just want a good cup of Joe.  Though, I started to think, maybe all of this coffee isn't good for me.  That's when I decided to consult the ultimate health expert, the internet.  Surprisingly, he (or she) had some pretty good news for me when it comes to being a coffee obsessed freak.

Turns out there are quite a few benefits to slinging back a cup o' mud.  Some of them, according to Web MD, is that drinking coffee lowers your risk for stroke, and certain types of cancer.  You are also less likely to develop type 2 diabetes or Parkinson's disease.  So far, so good.

Then I continued to read and there is an extract inside of the coffee bean that helps with weight loss.  Another win! ABC News reports that taking the coffee bean extract can help you loss weight, but others say it's just the caffeine that does it.  Either way, you are getting healthier.

So grab those mugs, stock up on K-Cups and drink proudly coffee lovers.  We can only hope the next thing that comes out is that drinking coffee is actually helping the environment.